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    [Promotional] Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7 | Free Serial License

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    [Promotional] Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7 | Free Serial License Empty [Promotional] Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7 | Free Serial License

    Post by Bretteo on Sat Dec 11, 2010 7:13 pm

    [Promotional] Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7 | Free Serial License Avanquest-power-desk7-free-license

    About The Product

    PowerDesk Professional is the easy, fast and expert way to organize and manage the files, digital photos, MP3s and web images on your PC. With far more features and functions than the standard Windows file manager or other file management software, PowerDesk Pro gives you the tools to search, edit, delete, copy, move, sort, zip, label, view, convert and more!

    Key Components :
    FTP – Lets you view FTP sites as though they were ordinary folders.
    Sync Manager – Compare and synchronize the contents of two folders.
    Size Manager – A powerful utility that shows you where and how the space on each of your drives is being used.
    Dialog Helper – Enhances Open dialog boxes and Save dialog boxes by adding a list selections for previously opened files and previously opened folders.
    Archive Manager – Users can easily compress and expand files from over 30 popular compression formats.
    File Finder – Quickly locate files through searches by almost any criteria with its powerful “search engine” type tool.
    About The Offer

    To grab your free license of Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

    Visit the Promotional offer page: http://register.avanquest.com/ABSOFT/produits/Promotion/enregistrement_presse/register_cov_gd.cfm?idcgd=502
    Fill up the form with a valid email address, and click on the “Proceed and Receive your serial codes” button.
    You will now be redirected to a new page consisting of your free serial license.
    Download Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7 from the download link: ftp://ftp2.avanquest.com/pub/PowerDesk_Pro_7.0.1.1.exe

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